What emotions should be controlled by the seller

to do sales, usually face enormous pressure, their emotions can not be released! Do sales, the most important thing is the attitude of service, do not let your customers see your impatience, not because of competition, but also the loss of their own bottom line. How do sales people control their emotions?

1, a temper. Do sales work, was rejected as homely food, then should not lose your temper, but should keep a calm mind.

2, suspicion. Suspicion is the corrosive agents in the business field, it can make the business will come to naught. If a misunderstanding with the customer, we must pay attention to communication, otherwise it will lose customers because of suspicion. read more

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What are the entrepreneurial projects for College Students

a lot of college students are carrying a dream, but also want to realize their dreams through entrepreneurship, so we are looking for college students entrepreneurial projects. So, what are suitable for college students entrepreneurial projects? Ready to start their own college students together to get a quick look at it.

for college students venture: tutor

: lighter workload

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How to open a business popular home stores

rapid development of the real estate economy, development prospect is broad Home Furnishing, will naturally become more business investment choice, in the open Home Furnishing stores, some novice entrepreneurs encounter some business difficulties, methods for solving these problems, there are a lot of investors are not very understanding, Home Furnishing stores the shop should pay attention to what? Must grasp the following two points:

first, open the home store first store design

this is a lot of entrepreneurs will have doubt, for Home Furnishing stores, the customer is our God, this is the true saying business customer is profitable! Shop sources, only have as many customers as possible, to survive in the fierce market competition, and development. Commodity management cannot do without advertising; in addition, in store signs, shop windows, packaging bags, price label, leaflets, Yilabao display and so on, can be used to do publicity. At the same time, according to the business situation, the choice of television or newspaper advertising. The most important thing is the store design, layout planning should be reasonable. read more

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n Kampuchea met a Chinese businessman

out of the electronic equipment encountered bad things, I must not have met. In Phnom Penh, when my notebook computer cannot start, I went to the old market side of electronic goods shops looking for a Chinese shop repair I do not speak the Kampuchea language immediately, want to have the same Chinese should be more and more reliable staff is the new immigrant immigrant from the Fujian more than and 10 years ago.

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What are the steps to open dessert shop

fashion dessert shop is popular with young people, the market is high intensity of consumption, business unpopular to. Many newcomers to see also very heart, how to open a dessert shop? What are the necessary steps? The next Xiaobian for you briefly, I hope you can help the success of the nuggets.

A, qualitative only to give yourself a clear positioning, in order to concentrate more to the dessert shop, East West a hammer can not stick.

two, two local store location is the best choice: one is the company office in more places, two residents living in populated areas. Choose more office space in the company, you can guarantee the business at noon. Some dessert shops often appear too much at noon, but not enough to sit in the evening. Very concerned about the business can do at noon. This will ensure a healthy operation of the day. read more

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Whether or not the idea of entrepreneurship should be kept in secret

entrepreneurship, have their own ideas, have the possibility of close to success. Creative, entrepreneurial ideas are likely to be successful. Recently entrepreneurs, angel investors David , Hauser released an article to share about whether the idea should be as a secret hidden in the heart of the problem, the article is as follows:

in the business circles, transparency is certainly a popular word, now many companies are sharing with each other were considered to be top secret things, such as: network traffic source, treatment of employees, the project management process. read more

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Five strokes teach you to reduce the cost of restaurant

shop to do business, make money is important, but also very critical to reduce costs, control costs seem simple, in fact, there is great knowledge. So, how can we reduce the cost of the restaurant? Open restaurant stores mainly from the human, financial, material and other aspects of the start, we summarized the following several points.

1, the technical level of conservation.

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What are the five basic designs of the restaurant business

restaurant as many people eating places, like hot business, not only need to clean, hygiene, food taste good, the waiter’s attitude is good, the price is reasonable, at the same time, some design factors for the restaurant business also has a very large impact. In short, if you want a restaurant business hot, some basic design or need to master. So, what are the five basic design of restaurant business? Let Xiaobian for you to analyze.

food and beverage industry is a red sea, but there are people who have to jump in the whirlpool, in order to swim to the sea to occupy the territory of a party need to achieve? The restaurant every day to heavy traffic, business is hot, must pay attention to catering space design, combined with the customer experience, grasp the inner mysteries. read more

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Children’s clothing store in the decoration should pay attention to what

in this family have increased the second child, you also want to open children’s clothing store? Now the cause of investment related to children will usher in a golden period of development, so it is a good business choice. Want to successfully invest in the operation of children’s clothing store, then the store decoration problem can not be ignored, the quality of the decoration directly affect the probability of consumption into the shop, then there is no decoration skills? Today we will introduce. read more

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Western style food investment options like talian restaurant like Baxter

each restaurant at the beginning of the business will carefully consider their entrepreneurial projects, what kind of project for themselves? What kind of projects for long-term development? What kind of projects can fully demonstrate your entrepreneurial ambitions?

the current western market has been in our country has a good development trend, more people have been fully developed in this area, to create their own small business. Catering to Baxter like Italian restaurant to abandon the traditional, the use of advanced production technology, introduced a variety of healthy delicacy, to bring a better and healthier life for more and more people. Now, this opportunity itself is not much better like Italian restaurant to create such a good rich business opportunities, to choose wealth accessible! read more

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Venture capital fund encountered entrepreneurial boom how to choose entrepreneurship projects

a lot of young entrepreneurs will venture capital fund to raise venture capital, and in 2016 China is still the entrepreneurial tide, then, how these venture capital fund to face such entrepreneurial boom? Venture capital fund will favor what entrepreneurial projects?

in "public entrepreneurship, innovation" in the context of business groups is more and more wide, entrepreneurial field more and more wide, the request for funds is also growing. So, which projects are most favored by venture capital fund? Vc firms what method to identify entrepreneurial bubble, and ultimately find the right investment projects? Venture capital funds come from? read more

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What is the most suitable for the project

according to market analysis, there are 4

according to market analysis, there are 3 types of projects, especially for women entrepreneurs, the following will be the advantages and disadvantages of various projects to be analyzed.

class projects, especially for women entrepreneurs, the following will be the advantages and disadvantages of various projects to be analyzed.

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Successful opening of young children to join the necessary details

to join the early education industry businesses, although the market prospects, but in the face of increasingly fierce market competition, but also businesses need to be considered in many aspects, especially the attention to some details of the operation, which is to reduce investment risk and an important guarantee for the long-term development of the shop. Want to occupy a place in the field of education, businesses must pay attention to this issue.

2, investment in the operation of young children to join institutions need to pay attention to investigate the potential of children to join the brand. Now early childhood brands, but the quality of motley crowd in order to protect their interests, but also to investment after sufficient development stamina, joined to consider before early childhood brands are worth the investment, the first is how to examine their potential. read more

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What are the conditions for the successful opening of the studio

The number of

studio gradually increased, many businesses want to join the market to take advantage of the rapid development of the market quickly joined the studio. But you know what conditions are required to open a studio? If you don’t know, just take a look!

first of all to choose a good store, the name must be good, both to have the product should be easy to remember, and then positioning, look at what is focused on, children, wedding photography, or portrait, etc..

Then focus on the development of read more

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Venture project recommendation

many entrepreneurial projects, which projects will be more likely to succeed? Many businesses are eager to know what is a good choice, today Xiaobian a simple summary of the hope that we can help you find the right project, not to be missed.

1, do gift box business. Exchanging gifts between friends and relatives in the new year, do gift box business to make money. If you want to do this business, you have to go to the market to find out who is going to buy gifts and what kind of gifts to buy?. To do the gift box business, you have to consider how to design the gift box can not only meet the needs of customers, but also to obtain a reasonable profit. Here, the gift box is more critical rationality. For the same kind of gift box to have different pricing scheme, need to plan carefully. read more

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