O2O transformation of traditional enterprises trap and antidote

some business owners heard the speech of the airport Ma, know that the world is not difficult to do business, the Internet thinking, all day clamoring to transform, to embrace change.

watched Ma’s business is getting better and better, but they have no business to do.

a few days ago also heard a friend say that he do Jiezhuang company intends to invest 5 million to do a APP, thinking of using the Internet to do the decoration, they believed in: or electronic commerce, or no business can. read more

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Double eleven practical operation process counter attack at end of dry cargo details

said the double eleven, can not be described as a major event in the electricity supplier and even the domestic market. In today’s electricity supplier in the world, increasingly high traffic costs, various costs have increased, by the end of the "double eleven", is undoubtedly a booster, how to end a sales counter attack, achievements, and even create a your ecommerce sales myth seems to lie in the "double eleven" of the war.

it is good, is not good, eleven double negative information, negative news and so on to the seller but this is not the focus is also a superb collection of beautiful things, we should pay attention to, after all, we are currently Tmall Taobao this platform operation, negative see too much, people tend to feel pessimistic, the boat as long as we don’t go to the data no, to those grandiose digital abandon their profits, the real use of "double eleven", do their business to read more

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VANCL Yuzuo whole category or electricity supplier will affect its brand awareness

Beijing daily news (reporter Chong Xiaomeng) vertical class electricity providers have begun to accelerate the road to the platform. Beijing Daily reporter yesterday login to see VANCL by 3C digital goods, third party merchants and sales of small household electrical appliances has been officially on sale in china. VANCL said, the future will take the "brand + channel mode. According to the insiders, after the Jingdong, such as suning.com B2C, the curtain open platform that will open vertical class electricity supplier. read more

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To excellent network security buy navigation site will not disappear


to CEO Youwang anchenghai

handle network stranded after IPO, the domestic buy industry pessimism unprecedented condensation. Coincidentally, 24 was one of the giants of group purchase coupons exposed owed wages, and removed a number of local outgoing station, seems to be pushed to the first domino. At Gaopeng, Wo Wo Group, Groupon and other giants have also lit group purchase, knife cuts.

said that if the group purchase just so big weight, many small and medium-sized group purchase website is worthy of the name of the dead. According to statistics, the original more than 6 thousand sites have fallen to 1324, there are more sites are no longer updated, disguised death…… Considering the current group purchase industry, to sum up in a word, group purchase industry is facing the winter. read more

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SAC Double eleven disable the history of the lowest price

double eleven approaching, the major electricity supplier online shopping promotion war has started, and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce has also strengthened the supervision of the electricity supplier. Reporters learned from SAIC, October 31st, SAIC held a promotion network market behavior of administrative guidance will be interviewed, asked the participants of electricity supplier carefully combing the problems in previous promotional activities.

The meeting convened by the read more

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The future of the electricity supplier is the world’s logistics have to express the world

is the future of the electricity supplier will express the world, why do I say that? So we look at the comprehensive analysis for the electricity supplier courier and Ye Weichang do, business will not be the world express future. The ancients said: people who have the world. To this day, will become the logistics of the world. Easier said than done, and now the courier service quality is worrying ah. The future of electronic business and logistics of the dispute, the middle road is still very long, of course, the perfect ending is together, rather than single-handed foolhardy. read more

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The essence of Alipay remains stripping looting

two days before the Alibaba announced the equity structure of Alipay parent company of small and micro finance, of which 40% will be as equity incentive, a 60% stake in the introduction of strategic investors, Ma Yun in the micro finance in equity holdings will not exceed the Alibaba group holding more than about 7.3%.

the ownership arrangement is for two years ago, Alipay shares made a confession, a lot of people seem to block the mouth. See, I Ma to take over Alipay from YAHOO and Softbank’s hands, and not loaded into your own pocket, but to do equity incentive and the introduction of investment, in this matter I don’t have the slightest interest. Ma Yun tall and selfless image, to take a step. read more

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Electricity supplier yesterday opened the first batch of electronic invoices in Guangdong temporaril

[Abstract] the current regulations require reimbursement invoice must be paper, electronic invoicing and accounting are accounted how reimbursement issues, laws and regulations also need time to adjust.

reporter learned from the Guangdong provincial tax bureau, as the first batch of electronic invoices pilot enterprises in Guangdong, Jingdong mall, vip.com, China Mobile (micro-blog) terminal mall yesterday successfully opened the first batch of electronic invoices.

consumers in the pilot enterprises to buy goods on their own e-commerce platform, according to the need to select paper invoices or electronic invoices. read more

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You buy a solution to the operator needs to change the pain points

every day in the QQ group is still hard to find someone to change it? This is really something to do the operator must do?

every day you have to spend much time in the communication link, in the release of demand, such as contact, and then to change the comments, and sometimes you will appear to others to comment on, people pull you black.

and someone to brush a comment when selling mobile phone app, actually appeared app ordering their home soon, irrelevant, in fact, brush comment is not in order to do ASO, read more

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Electricity supplier weekly 11 electricity supplier open platform and barbaric Express

BiaNews business weekly (text / Ding Xi Po Niu Zhichao) last week (December 27, 2010 -2011 January 2nd), from 2010 into 2011, e-commerce industry is to open, there are also some problems exposed, which will help the industry more standardized. Jingdong, we have announced the opening, STO sort of violence into focus, the salary of the courier can be used to describe the shock. In addition, the third party payment licenses will be issued, China UnionPay, China Telecom also wading in electronic commerce. read more

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Light wings CEO Fang Weicheng female entrepreneurs to support e commerce half of the sky

December 18th, sponsored by the Shanghai business alliance Anting · Shanghai International Automobile City Information Industry Park and let the world the three anniversary of the Shanghai summit and the 2010 Shanghai network union will be held successfully. The main business alliance leadership, Shanghai relevant government departments (chamber of Commerce Network), electronic commerce and electronic commerce industry experts and scholars from all over the country leader attended the summit. Summit around the keyword "capacity", fully embodies the B2B, B2C, C2C, S2C four network compatibility". More than a thousand people attended the conference. read more

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Alipay fun new e commerce payment more convenient opening

or you have been wary of online banking, look at the net goods but can not sell a superb collection of beautiful things; or you see the favorite baby but not at home can not log in online banking, so that the baby lost…… Since August 18th, you don’t have to have these troubles, you can find a hanging on the side of the road "Taobao shopping payment" convenience stores, cash or credit card payment directly through alipay.

August 18th, Alipay, Taobao, a joint lakala pass, again and again to pay, Meiyijia and other partners in Hangzhou, Chongqing, Chengdu, Dongguan, Changsha five city launched the line payment service. In the future, even if people can also do not have online banking online shopping, captured goods, Alipay "payment", get a bunch of order number, as long as you find a "Taobao online shopping payment point" sign around any outlets, with tangible cash or credit card to pay the transaction orders. read more

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Business model and development of group buying website

with the development of the Internet and the progress of technology, the new form of the Internet is constantly emerging, subtly changing the way people live. Among them, the group buying site is a new form, the Internet, e-commerce integration of a new model.

one, the origin and development of group buying website

Groupon Buy mode is called 2, buy the origin of the United States, the main representative of the site woot and Groupon, etc.. Groupon has become the craziest Internet Co in history. Twitter reached $1 billion valuation in 3 years, Facebook reached $1 billion valuation in the past 2 years, and Groupon only a year and a half. And only six months to achieve profitability. read more

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Ali 11 double play to promote overseas fast sell through join


] September 14th news billion state power network, the state power grid promptly sold through many sellers learned this year, Ali group will jointly Taobao, Tmall and aliexpress in the history of the largest double 11 big promotion activities. This is the first time to participate in the sale of double speed 11, requiring the main venue of the merchandise discount must reach half off and global package, and priority in the search for a real discount merchandise.

aliexpress University official WeChat display, double 11 day aliexpress will buy the global quality of online traffic, at the same time with the outdoor, subway, postal and other offline advertising. In addition, Russia, Spain, Indonesia and other countries to carry out the difference between the characteristics of the buyer propaganda. This greatly promote the coupon budget reached 10 million U.S. dollars, provided by the unified Alibaba group, only 11 days in the same day, the specific investment will be opened in late 9. read more

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Can’t stand The 2016 thing that the pharmaceutical business could not understand

welcome to 2017. Two days ago, we had released the "obsession can have repercussions? People look forward to new year" Internet medicine, a collection of more than and 10 Internet medical people on 2017 look, full of positive energy. However, on the first day of 2017, we are going to have a "negative energy" inventory.

"in 2016, let you what is an industry phenomenon especially managed?" not long ago, the state power grid thrown to a pharmaceutical business executives this problem. read more

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Build electricity supplier will become a new channel for the enterprise to compete for control of th

Provides a new sales channel

third party business platform for manufacturing enterprises, manufacturing enterprises should self output self business platform thankless? Because of self business platform, can solve the problem of enterprise sales of the line, to achieve leapfrog development of enterprise sales; then why build electricity providers will become the large manufacturing enterprises compete for the new battlefield of channel control? These seemingly contradictory channel strategy, actually show the intention of manufacturing enterprise channel strategy and strategic dilemma. read more

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Sea Amoy new model bonded electricity supplier shop floor compliance has been questioned

financial weekly newspaper reporter learned that, at present, vip.com, suning.com, Alibaba, jumei.com and other well-known electricity providers were waiting to enter the Guangdong free trade zone area.

financial weekly trainee reporter Wang Siqi / Shenzhen reported

improve the quality of life to promote overseas purchasing industry unpopular.

according to Analysys think tank data show that in 2013 Chinese cross-border electricity market transactions was 2 trillion and 700 billion yuan, an increase of 28.8%. 2012 China cross-border electricity supplier market transaction size of 2 trillion and 90 billion yuan. read more

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