Website promotion only one thing

website promotion to do only one thing, that in the end is what?.

to tell you a story of Shi Yuzhu. When he was playing the game. He usually experience the game system on their own development through the night, any uncomfortable places as long as that, he will immediately call the technical personnel, even at dead of night. Everyone knows that his game software is successful.

promotion to take good things to promote, if there is no value. That is, the use of your ability to promote the final change back only to accelerate the collapse of your site. Because your website people know, but is a negative impact. Finally, it’s hard to change. This is the good man to do the bad man, the bad guys do good.

so the beginning of our foundation must be hard. The foundation here refers to the value of the site content and customer experience.

so how do we do that?.

1, their own time experience. Like Mr. Shi Yuzhu, everyone knows that Apple founder Jobs is an arrogant man. Apple PC design by him, as long as he feels good, he will do. But he’s always been very popular design, personal ability is too prominent.

2, find someone to experience, and then let him tell you the way to improve. Gifts or money to encourage. The last time we used the webmaster network.

3, that’s a friend. If you compare good contacts, this should be the spirit.

4, there is still one that is published in the forum, said his website is no masterpiece, no ancient stood before. Must blow the sky. It’s better to describe the details. So some people see will not convinced, will give you points out many problems. It should be called the king. Not many people can withstand.

above is what I share with you, I hope you leave a message.

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