My webmaster road to planning company

wrote this article, but also to see a lot, here are many of the same as I am confused about the Internet friend. Believe me, writing this article will bring some enlightenment to some of my friends.

, 3 years ago, I once did a local forum, and it was also on the Internet all the time, making a sensation for a while. But later focused on opening the QQ group, leading to the forum to browse the post, the post will be less, and ultimately because of the forum constantly upgrade, change different forum procedures, and eventually ruined the data. The forum also came to nothing. My half year’s effort is so expensive. read more

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New station how to be quickly included Baidu skills

, a few webmaster asked me today. Elder sister, how quickly my website was included in the baidu ah, you help me do some links, you teach me some way to do it. I really want to kick them off to the Huangpu River and feed the shrimps. I have repeated 100 times and repeat the last one today.

new station how quickly be Baidu and Google included,


novice, a very garbage way, is to submit Baidu and google. That’s what the book says. The book says it’s right, but it works very slowly. Just like books teach us to make money. I most despise, but also feel the least promising is reading every day bookworm. read more

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Successful webmaster will be on the ten big Adsense website

webmaster need to learn, need to communicate, almost every webmaster hands are collected a lot of webmaster class web site. The following ten webmaster site according to the site traffic, ranking, visibility and influence comprehensive recommendation in the industry, in no particular order, although there are several websites unfamiliar, but with more features, also has a very good development potential, so it is recommended, some believe that this website rookie can give the webmaster bring some surprises. read more

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Site construction a series of operations the positioning of three sites

a website, in the choice of a domain name, you need to start planning and construction.

a website is just like a person, a person who knows himself well, can handle correctly, behave, and progress. The site is the same, the importance of the positioning of the site is very clear, a website selling pork like Sina do wrong again, clear the portal; a portal website does a site like PR10 as solemn, nor desirable.

is a personal gain be the same outside and inside, a condition of the trust of others. The same is true of websites, read more

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Website 3 months PR value reached 3

began to do web site in 2005, the first station is a TV site, because there is no TV in school, you can only surf the internet. And now the Internet is generally streaming media format, but also not encrypted ah, as long as the address to get, you can directly look at the player, so opened a station like this. The flow was bad, but there was a Baidu support. Slowly, well, and just met the world cup, traffic soared ah. Ip6700 one day. The web site can’t be opened. But without income, stop the website. read more

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Small talk about the use of micro blog online brand building

, an online shop brand is the root of the long online money shop, today I talk about how to use micro-blog to better create our online shop brand. Micro-blog is a new platform for today’s communication efforts most widely, it travels so that each professional marketing personnel, for example, some time ago micro-blog be struck dumb, several celebrities among words, micro-blog has helped to spread the amazing, almost just a few minutes of countless people forward, can imagine on micro-blog spread speed how fast the same as also defeated micro-blog micro-blog, micro-blog and many celebrities because some of their improper speech was spreading rapidly lead to the closure of micro-blog, these facts tell us that to micro-blog’s influence is undoubtedly, we must learn to use micro-blog to build our own brand shop. read more

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How to solve the QQ space constrained problem

, as we all know, there are more and more restrictions from the media, whether it is QQ space or WeChat public number, both of these restrictions are very common. It’s like QQ space, sometimes restricting your friends into space, and sometimes your space access changes. Especially if QQ space is forbidden to visit, if we don’t deal with it in time, our loss will be very great. So we’ve been limited. What should we do about it,


normally, we are to be due to limited space for some reason, but sometimes you no violations were also prohibited access to space, in recent days my traffic is restricted, friends can not enter my space. So, how did I do that, read more

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Facing the new changes of Taobao the implementation plan of heuristic response 1

faces new changes in Taobao –

‘s implementation program for the response of the broom

a few days ago we experienced great changes in Taobao, these other colleagues in the article that is understood, I do not say, in fact with online friends joke: [Dabao, see every day; Taobao, see every day], to describe today’s Taobao is appropriate



know the change, we should be how to deal with it, this is a real problem, because some "change" and "love", brought into the home page, the next question is: "what?!", and "punished" and "limbo", out of the large flow, how to do?! is Lin Daiyu (crying) when, or when ah q (coldly)?! so the executive floor plan is urgent to solve the problem of read more

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How Android games embedded advertising code to make money

I believe we all know just under the framework of the Flappy Bird, can only rely on advertising to make $50 thousand a day, the majority of the other developers coveted at the same time, may cause the illusion of a lot of people: in the game code placement way of making profits has matured. Bean family network editor here to analyze how the game from Android ads, categories and the major application market of embedded advertising code audit scale etc., hope and Android enthusiasts to share and exchange. read more

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